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2008 Peterbilt ISX

Price: $80,000
Year: 2008
Make: Peterbilt
Model: ISX
Mileage: 650,000 miles
Series: NA
Equipment Description: All Specs on file, 1 owner, and all maintenance records on file. 2008 PETERBILT Cummins ISX525, 1 owner 50/60 tires new turbo. Great Condition 10 3/4inch Steel Rails, Steel Xmbrs, To 354inch 3/8in Rail Thickness4 PIECE NYLON INSERT FRAME FASTENERSCLASS 10.9 BOLTS3 PIECE C CHANNEL XMBR With CAST GUSSETSCHASSIS HOSE AND WIRING BUNDLESCONVENIENTLY ROUTED THROUGH GUSSETS536 . 3670644000 S EOF Tractor Tapered with Xmbr ,Includes kingpin cutout for steel EOF crossmemb r qnly. If kingpin cutoutdesired for alum xmbrs, also use Code 0611050 SteetttOF xmbr IPOAlum EOF xmbr, Omit Front Wheel Mudflaps, LH Fifth Wheel Release PBll T Rear Mudflaps, SSTl Swivel king IingersSpring loaded requires two additional inches on overh flg for tractors 0835080 0 Holland Air Slide 24.5inch FW35 70D1X3L, 8 94iAHt c0870000 0 Fifth Wheel Setting Behind elL Bogie oinFifth wheel setting 0 behind bogie 0940320 0 Deck Plate Access Package Includes Vertical Grab Handle BOC O t. Handle BOCIBOS, and Access Ste0960390 0 Non Slip Deck Plate 42inch or Front Axle and Equipment.1011060 0 Dana Spicer E1202W 12,000 1111inch KPIBendix ES cam brakes, 11 1/4inch bolt Circle.F ACTORY FRONT AXLE ALIGNMENTOUTBOARD MOUNTED BRAKE DRLi sZERK FITTINGS ON TIE ROD ENO VKING PINS, AND DRAGLINK BALLr q. INTS36 41121010 0 Taper Leaf Springs with Sho k QOO IbsUse with 12,000 Ib front axles. o o1232080 0 Power Steering TRWTAS65GLiDEKOTE SPLINES ON STEERING SHAFTa aPower Steering Reservoir Frame Mounted oFor use with 8,000 Ib to 14,600 Ib front axles. o1353000 0 PHP10 Alum LMS Hubs, Cast Drums, 15x4 Brakes o10,000 Ib to 12,000 Ib front axles. Includes Bendix EES420 brake linings, non asbestos. o1362100 01390220 0 oChicago Rawhide Scotseal Plus XL Oil Seals o oHaldexiDana Auto Slack Adjusters oRear Axle and Equipment1523010 S Dana Spicer DSP40 40,000 IbLASER FACTORY AXLE ALIGNMENTACCURATE TO .030 OF AN INCHMAGNETIC REAR AXLE OIL DRAIN PLUGOUTBOARD MOUNTED BRAKE DRUMSo o1612850 0 PHP10 Alum LMS Hubs, X30 Drums, 16.5x7 Brakes46,000 Ib maximum, tandem axle, Bendix ES brakes.326 foot 790 00 00 00 00 00 02,710 4095 289 91632320 0 MGM TR 3030in Parking Brakes, Both Axles1642110 0 Haldex/Dana Auto Slack Adjusters, Tandem Axles1652140 0 Chicago Rawhide Scotseal Plus XL Oil Seals,Tandem1682430 S Bendix 4S4M ABS w/o SBM ValveABS-61684200 S Synthetic Axle Lubricant, All Axles1703360 0 Ratio 3.36 Rear AxlePeterbilt FLEX Air 38,000 Ib, 52in Axle SpacingAluminum Suspension Crossmembers.1821900 01920410 0 Suspension Pressure GaugeDash Mounted Dump Valve with Indicator LightFor use with air suspension1922260 0Engine and Engine Equipment2059855 0 ISX 500/2000 525 at1800 1850 at1200 2007 Includes alum flywheel housing.CHEVRON DELO MULTIGRADE ENGINEOIL, SAE 15W40MAGNETIC ENGINE OIL DRAIN PLUGN20300 P029 No. Idle Shutdown EnableN20320 P015 No Engine Protection ShutdownN20380 P001 99 Max Speed in Top GearN20400 P059 65 Maximum Cruise SpeedN20440 P030 5. Idle Shutdown Timer6, 919 2562513760 0 PACCAR 130 Amp Alternator Brushless wNoltage o oRegulator and 3 year l350,OOO mile warranty 2521090 0 Immersion Type Pre heater 110 120V 104 2Includes 3 year/350,OOOmile warranty for Class 8 On Highwayapplications,1 year l100,OOOmile warranty for Medium Duty On Highwayapplications, or 1 year/50,OOOmile warranty for Off Highway applications. WEATHER PACK SILICONE SEALEDELECTRICAL CHASSIS CONNECTORS12 VOLT SYSTEM W/CIRCUIT PROTECTIONWIRES NUMBERED EVERY 4 INCHESOR LESSMAINTENANCE FREE 12V BATTERIESSTRANDED COPPER BATTERY CABLESDOUBLE AUGHT (00) OR LARGER25380'50 0 4 PACCAR Premium 12V Dual Purpose Batt 2800 CCA 121 62Threaded Stud Type Terminal2539280 0 Battery Jumper Terminals Mntd BOC/BOS 188 7Put 10 Tags on Pos/Neg Connection Includes Oust Cap 2723210' 0 18.7 CFM Air Compressor 0 0 Furnished on Engine 2812170' 0 Intebrake Furnished on Engine 0 0 2925940 0 High Efficiency FuellWater Separator Heated 120 508 18and return fuel3114270' 0 High Efficiency Cooling System 0' 0Effective January 1. 2007 includes silicone radiator hoses and extendedlife coolant. 3291680 S 1 Dnldsn Air Cleaner Firewall Mounted 0 0'3366880 0 Exhaust Single Frame Mount 494 0 DPF RH under frame low mount Available with Sleeper only. STAINLESS STEEL FLEX TUBING and CLAMPS 3381190 0 Single Exhaust Guard Stainless Steel Half Round 9 0For use with BOC exhaust and Cab Side Extenders. 3387850 a GOin Ht, 7inch Dia Chrome Plate Stl Standpipes 69 11Transmission and Clutch4022200 j Fuller RTL018918B 18 Speed 4,511 119Includes iron bell housing. water to oil cooler. rear transmission support. direct shift pattern, and synthetic lubricant. MAGNETIC TRANSMISSION OIL DRAIN PLUG4210190 S 1810 HD Driveline With Single Midship Bearing 983 0W/4.5in X .180 WALL TUBINGHALF ROUND END YOKES WIZERK FITTINGSCOATED DRIVESHAFT SPLINESBRAIDED CHASSIS HARNESS COVERRUBBER LINED CLAMPS ALONG FRAME RAIL4250790 0 Alum Transmission Bell Housing ipo Iron 70 53Fuller Transmission 1450 torque and above.4343190 a Eaton Fuller 15.5inch Clutch Easy Pedal VCTpius 340 4Ceramicl4000 Platel1860 TorqueNibration Control Technology4380010 S Manual Adjust Clutch with Grease Bearing 0 0Remote Lube Hoses for Clutch Linkage, Release 7Bearing and Cross Shafts Mounted to lH Frame Rail278Air and Trailer Equipment4510750 S Bendix AD IS Air Dryer with Heater An integrated system air dryer that incorporates the functions of the airdryer, purge reservoir which increases the drying capacity, wet air tank, pressure relief valve, single check valves, and pressure protection valvefor air susp and other air accessories. Includes easy to service spin ondessicant cartridge.o o4540420 S Nylon Chassis Hose oTEFLON LINED, STAINLESS STEEL BRAIDEDCOMPRESSOR DISCHARGE HOSEPADDLE HANDLE FILLER CAPWITH THREADLESS FILLER NECKo4543330 0Painted Aluminum Air TanksPolished Alum Air Tanks Outside Frame Rails 210 0402 350 0107 90 058 4396 1600 0526 552,104 2200 064 0276 04543340 04612800 S4612810 0Trailer Hand Valve12foot A/E Lines Coiled and Two 7 Way PlugsBOC/BOS socket4614810 S A/E Connections BOC/BOS with Hose TennaTires & Wheels5068560 0 FF: BR 14ply 11R22.5 R2805168650 05190008 0 Code rear Tire Qty 08RR: BR 14ply 11R22.5 M726ELFF: Peterbilt 886660 Pit 22.5x8.25 Aim WhlPilot Mount5222560 0RR: Peterbilt 886660 Pit 22.5x8.25 Aim WhlPilot Mount5322560 0FF: Polished Wheels w/o Chrome Wheel Nuts5390008 0 Code rear Rim Qty 085405040 05405090 0 RR: Polish Inside of Outer Wheels Tandem with out Chrome Wheel Nuts For use with up to and including 22.5x9.00wheel, Fuel Tanks5552340 0 26inch Aluminum 135 Gallon Fuel Tank RH BOC 60 185556340 0 26inch Aluminum 135 Gallon Fuel Tank LH BOC 60 18WIRE BRAID FUEL LINE5603135 0 Location RH BOC 135 Gallon 0 05604135 0 Location LH BOC 135 Gallon 0 05650100 0 Polish, 4, Fuel Tank Straps 132 05650140 0 Rear Fuel Tank Fill 0 0with dash mounted gauge selector switch will allow driver to read the fuellevel of each of the fuel tanks independently using a single dash mountedfuel gauge, j d 58 0515 7358 0515 75O. 0Battery Box and Bumper 6010340 a Aero Battery Box with Polished Alum Face LH Under Cawithout Scuff Plates, 6040110 0, 1, Adtl Alum Toel Box Right Hand Back Of Cab/SPECIFY LOCATION BY NARRATIVE, 6040220 a Aero Tool Box with Polished Alum Face RH Under Cabwithout Scuff Plates6040230 a 1 Adtl Alum Tool Box Left Hand Back Of Cab SPECIFY LOCATION BY NARRATIVE 6112530 S Molded Aero Bumper One Piece Paintedwith Dual Tow Pin CutoutsCab and Equipment 6510120 S Alum Cab 126inch BBC Fiberglass Hood SBFAand Fiberglass Fenders with Polished Crown and Spring Tilt AssistIGNITION AND DOORS KEYED ALIKESTAINLESS STEEL GRILLEFULL LENGTH PIANO TYPE STAINLESSSTEEL DOOR HINGES AND PINSTHREE POINT RESILIENT CAB MOUNTINGONE PIECE ROOFAIRCRAFT GRADE HUCKBOL T FASTENERSTINTED SAFETY GLASSo o6540160 a Thermal Insulation Package in Cab 49 2Includes thick. closed cell foam in floor, spedal mylar faced foam in wallsand roof structure. 6540600 0 Remote Keyless Entry System Platinum Interior 266 oThis system provides the convenience of a 2 button remote device twokey fobs are included that will lock or unlock the driver and passengerdoors. It has a range of up to 30 feet and uses random signal technologyto safeguard the entry signal. Pressing the lock button will lock both thedriver and passenger doors. Pressing the unlock button once will unlockthe driver's door and pressing this button a second time will unlock thepassenger door. The marker lights will illuminate to visually confirm thedoors have been locked or unlocked. No alarm function is included.S Combo Fresh Air Heater/Air Conditioner 0 0with radiator mounted condenser, dedicated side window defrosters notModels 320, 330, 335, or 340, Bi Level Heater/Defroster Controls, 54,500BTUIHR. and effective January 1, 2007 includes silicone heater hoses.7322130 0 Cup Holder Floor Mounted 58 4Includes two standard size drink holders and one extra large jugholder,coin tray. and clipboard-size storage area. 7330710 0 Peterbilt Comfort Control Sleeper 148 07410040 0 Outside Sunvisor Stainless Steel 142 47530140 0 Omit 2 Convex 8 Inch Mirrors Stainless Steel 36 0Mounted under standard mirror bracket. 7560170 S Convex Mirror Over RH Door 0 07560780 0 Aero Moto Mirror 4 7x16 RH/lH Motorized/Heated 711 2with Switch on Dash, 4 Way Adjustable STAINLESS STEEL MIRROR FASTENERS BRACKETS OPTIMIZED FOR 102inch WIDTH7565180 0 Polished Lower Mirror Bracket Covers 18 07620650 0 2 Air Horns 37.5inch Chrome Round with Horn Shield 161 11SINGLE ELECTRIC HORN7725290 0 ConcertClass Satellite EHD Audio System with CD 212 2Use with 70inch Sleeper with Platinum Interior. Includes AM/FMNVB/Satellitefrequencies, 4 cab speakers. 2 tweeters. 2 sleeper speakers. woofer. and antenna.7748080 0 CB Wiring Mounted Under Header 29 2 Model 387 or Medium Duty Models include terminals, 7748680 0 CB Antenna Brackets and Wire RH/LH Mirror 85 07749490 0 XM Satellite Radio Service Provider 0 0Option designates XM Satellite Radio subscription required. 7851040 0 Removable Bugscreen Behind Grille 234 27851070 0 J Iock VP 4 x 4 load lock Bracket lH 223 137851480 S Peterbilt Electric Windshield Wipers 0 0with Intermittent Feature8011100 0 Trans Temp Gauge Main 78 08011220 0 Axle Temp Gauges Tandem Drive 163 28011390 0 Oil Temperature Gauge Engine 45 08021010 0 Air Application Gauge 74 08021050 0 Air Restriction Gauge Dial Type 126 08071020 0 Manifold Pressure Gauge 92 78071310 0 Ammeter 57 08071560 0 3 Additional Electric Rocker Switches 57 0Wheel PaintN8530 WHEEL ALUMFront Wheel5222560 FF: Peterbilt 886660 Pit 22.5x8.25 Aim WhlRear Wheel5322560 RR: Peterbilt 886660 Pit 22.5x8.25. Located in GRAND ISLAND NE 68802, Contact Larry for more information.

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