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How to Find used farm equipment for sale by owner

April 18,2016

 If you have been looking for used farm equipment you will concur that getting a good deal is not easy. Finding the right used farm equipment for sale by owner is without doubt a tough call, especially if you are in the market for the first time.

Where to Find the Best Deals

It is true that there are thousands of dealers across the country, but without the right information there are many pitfalls that await you. Nevertheless, you can avoid these by first identifying where to find reliable deals before finally picking a particular item. 

Here are some ideas:

Equipment Dealers 

This should be your first call when looking for used implements. Dealerships are located near farms and when an owner wants to sell they are the first to know. Most of them inspect and service these implements before reselling them. 


Auctions are now common near fields and on dealership sites. They offer a wide range of merchandise to choose from including tractors, mowers, planting, harvesting and hay appliances. These auctions offer the lowest prices and attachments are often sold by actual owners making it an attractive option, but are generally sold as is - so be sure you know what you are buying and weigh the potential cost of any needed repairs.

Authorized Seller Websites 

This is one of the most reliable sources of high-quality second-hand appliances. These dealers are reputable and have backing from manufacturers meaning only genuine parts are utilized to repair the products on sale. Such machines are also evaluated and certified by the brand before they go on sale. 

How to Buy a Used Farm Attachment 

Once you have identified the best place to source for used attachments it is important to know what to look for to get the best deal. To make the best purchase, consider the following factors:

Consider What You Need 

Consider fundamental issues such as what you want to do, size of machine, engine power and any attachments needed. This will help create a shortlist of products that best suit your needs. 

Familiarize Yourself with Products 

If this is the first time you are looking for these products you need to research and get an idea of features, performance and the different brands available in the market today. For instance, you need to look at engine power, reliability, energy efficiency, etc. This makes the purchase process simpler.

Use a Mechanic to Assess the Machinery 

You need to leverage the professional expertise of a mechanic in assessing any equipment that you might consider buying. A good mechanic will discover any problems even under new paint and inspect items for wear and tear and ensure everything is working as it should. They will also help identify serious problems such as gasket malfunctions which might be overlooked.

When placing order for used farm equipment for sale by owner (http://www.heavyequipmentregistry.com/compact-tractors.cfm), it is better to ensure that the machinery does not require any refurbishment and if any parts were previously wrecked, they should have been replaced with fresh parts. Even, when you opt for used machinery, it is better to opt for a reliable brand as against opting for an unknown brand.


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